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  • Auction House for well established Finance Companies and Banks for disposal of chattels or repossessed motor vehicles including motorcycles, vans, buses and lorry.
  • Case-to-case basis for Property Auction at High Court
  • Property Auction Show is available
  • Conduct Public Auctions regularly by licensed and qualified Auctioneers.
  • Private contract sales and tenders by government agencies are also welcomed.
  • Reasonable Buyer's Premium is required and no other charge is imposed.
  • One-stop solution - all statutory and technical requirements, transactions, records (including photos), payments and deliveries are handled by well-trained personnel.
  • Admission and Registration is free!
  • Proper verification, search and inspection with relevant authorities.
  • Fast Documentation and No Hassle.
  • Good response, Overwhelming potential buyer with High take-up rate.
  • 100% Total Clearance
  • Served with refreshment and buffet during Auctions.



  • Five warehouses located in Butterworth, Alor Setar, Ipoh, Kota Bharu and Kuantan
  • Authorized Warehouse for well established Finance Companies and Banks for storing of chattels or repossessed motor vehicles.
  • Fully-equipped with state-of-the-art web-based CCTV at all store yards.
  • Controlled by in-house computerized Vehicle Management System (VMS) for fast accessibility, credibility and reliability.
  • Secured, reliable and effective 24-hours or 365 days fully surveillance security.
  • Fully insured (including coverage from air craft, lighting and storm damage.)
  • Durable 6-10 feet high fencing system surrounding the whole warehouse.
  • Reasonable Storage Fee.


Towing Services

  • Well-trained and qualified towing team.
  • On call or on contract.
  • Reasonable Towing Fee



Other Services

  • Liaison with Puspakom and JPJ.
  • Renewal of road tax, permit, insurance etc.



For more information, please contact our Sales and Marketing Department personnel at +604-356 7972 or alternatively, via e-mail [email protected]

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